Plans to impeach Kuti in top gear as MCAs start collecting signatures

Friday, June 19th, 2020 00:00 |
Governor Mohammed Kuti.

Members of Isiolo County Assembly have started collecting signatures to impeach Governor Mohammed Kuti, accusing him of massive corruption and gross violation of the law.

Spearheaded by Ali Dima (Chari ward) and Nura Diba (Sericho ward) the MCAs are planning to remove the county boss accusing him of corruption and failure to produce county expenditure for the last three years.

Speaking to People Daily, the duo claimed the governor has violated the constitution by disrespecting the assembly that oversight the budget and expenditure as he has failed to produce the county’s report since he took over power.

“Our work is to oversight and discuss the budget and expenditure report that according to the law should be produced quarterly in the assembly but here in Isiolo it has never been produced any time we demand for it we are victimised and others are pocketed and silenced by the governor but time has come we cannot keep silence as public funds are being siphoned by a few individual,” said Diba.

Expenditure report

They further questioned the Treasury’s move to release the county funds without being served with the expenditure report from the previous financial years report.

“We are wondering how the Treasury has been releasing the county funds all those years without a budget and expenditure report from the executive or county assembly,” added Ali.  

Saying they have embarked on  a massive signature collection, the MCAs both elected accused Governor Kuti of exorbitantly allocating Sh359 million in 2019-2020 financial year  budget to fight Covid-19 pandemic and other emergencies.

They alleged that despite the allocation of the huge funds in the supplementary budget little has been done to prevent and prepare coronavirus spread in the county.

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