Pioneer School responds after a teacher smokes in a virtual class

Sunday, July 19th, 2020 18:19 |

Pioneer School in Murang'a has defended its position after a video emerged of their physics teacher smoking during a virtual class.

According to the school's administration, the teacher smoked mistakenly, thinking his video was off as he had already ended his lesson.

In a message to the parents, the school administration said the video was uploaded by a parent after the administration unsuccessfully pleaded with him not to.

"This was posted by a form 2 parent even after pleading with him not to," they said.

The school defended the teacher that he had never smoked in the school compound, and in the video, the teacher had ended the lesson.

Seeing that another teacher had already started the next lesson, the physics teacher decided to take some puffs, but mistakenly with his video on. The school administrators said.

The administrators said they had taken disciplinary actions against the teacher. They asked the parents to always inform them when such things occuer to avoid tarnishing the school's name.

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