Phone wars escalate with Oppo’s addition of ‘Jewelry White F11’

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 17:20 |

As the war for the local market share intensifies, smartphone maker Oppo is not relegating its grip as one of the market leaders.

 Today, the brand added into the super competitive market yet another variant of Oppo F11 — one of its most popular phone models, especially among the youth. The introduction of the ‘Jewelry White’ version of the Oppo F11 signifies the company’s will to continue giving endless options to its customers.

In April, this year, Oppo Kenya launched F11 with two colour variants,  Fluorite Purple and Marble Green. It is seeking to take the game to the next level in terms of the fabulous designs and patterns

The F11 is one of the rare few smartphones that packs a stunning 48+5 megapixels camera for a mid-range price.

“As a global brand, we understand and value the needs and wants of our consumers. Their satisfaction has always been our sheer priority. We believe consumers have varying personalities, and colour always does reflect their attitude and personality in one way or another. The ‘Jewelry White’ option will satisfy more of our consumers and will help us continue to grab same love and affection as to our previous products,” says Oppo Kenya brand director Jesse Wu.

 The new phone still features a 6.5-inch Full High Definition display, 4GB RAM and 128 ROM. It’s retailing at Sh29,999.

“Our focus is to continue to refine our customer’s experience with the device. This phone gives control of the photographer back to the user and guarantees the best experience while either with friends or family”, adds Wu.

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