Pharmacist Brenda Kwamboka talks about her fine sense of style

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 08:57 |

By Faith Kyomukama

Why did you decide to blog on fashion? 

I really wanted to enroll in a fashion design school abroad, but I didn’t manage to get a scholarship. And by that time, I was just starting my second year at the university and I felt like it was a little too late to drop everything and go into design school. That was the birth of my blog and the idea was to create a brand, such that if and when I decided to delve into fashion design, I would have a community of people who would buy my work.

When I was starting out the blog, Justkaninte, which really is my name, fashion was my main focus, but I have since incorporated a bit of lifestyle into it since the two go hand-in-hand. 

And how has the journey been so far?

I remember when I was in campus and I kept sharing my blog link on Facebook groups and a lot of people couldn’t understand how and why I would be writing about fashion while in a medical school. What most people didn’t know was that I was just trying to live out my dream. However, I have received overwhelming support from people around me and even strangers on the Internet, who I now consider family. The support I receive from them keeps me going even on my lowest moments. 

In your opinion, has the Kenya’s fashion industry realised its potential? 

I have mixed feelings about the fashion industry in the country. I know people who are acing the game. They include designers, bloggers, influencers and celebrities, but some of them also show up in jeans and T-shirts to a black-tie red carpet event. I applaud the former and really can’t stand the latter. Maybe let’s start by adhering to event dress codes!

I have toyed with the idea of starting a YouTube channel where I play ‘Fashion Police’ and give my two cents on Kenyan fashion like the iconic Joan Rivers.

Every girl has her fashion cravings. What do you desire to have in your closet?

Dear Santa, could you please get me those Amina Muaddi Browns in giraffe print, a pair or two of Louboutins (in black and nude), a classic Channel cross-body bag, anything from Balmain SS19 Collection and some Fenty.

What are some of your favourite vintage pieces?

Nude sling back Kitten heels, Lucite handbags, vintage denim, especially coats, and wide-legged pants.

Any tips and tricks for girls out there on dressing up for the wet weather?

Wear light pieces and layer them, it makes it easier to get rid of a few pieces if the temperatures rise. A pair of boots is your best friend. Bright colours are good mood elevators since the rain happens to dampen the moods. Also, please don’t forget your umbrella, runny mascara isn’t cute at all.

Your biggest wardrobe malfunction would be?

Visible undergarments. For instance, visible pantie lines

What’s your latest beauty discovery?

It’s not really a discovery since it’s been there for a while now, but I am obsessed with ‘bald babes’. There is just some confidence they ooze and I am here for it! 

Which celebrity do you think needs a wardrobe fix?

No specific one on mind for now, but I think any celebrity who wears items off the rack as they are should be checked. Style is always about tweaking outfits to fit your style and esthetic.

Most surreal fashion experience to date

I think it was walking the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards red carpet in Kampala in 2018 along with A-list celebrities. I honestly felt so minute, but the feeling was euphoric.

Who do you consider your greatest fashion icons?

Rihanna, Bonang is sensational, Kefilwe is out of this world, Toke Makinwa, Rich Mnisi and Victoria Kimani is my spirit animal. 

Is it advisable to shop for what’s trendy or what works best?

I think both. Find something trendy that works best for you. Otherwise, sticking to one item or style makes you predictable and boring. 

What is the one thing you simply can’t leave the house without?

My sunglasses and Arimis (milking jelly) for my lips. 

October is the Halloween month. Who would you dress like?

I am attending Magnificent Bas Halloween party as Marilyn Monroe. Let’s just say searching for a nice blonde wig hasn’t been easy.

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