Pay us as you pay billboards, Kirinyaga boda boda riders tell politicians

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 12:15 |
The riders have experience concern over the many questions they have to answer to their pillions concerning the names of aspirants printed on the reflector jackets. They are now calling on the aspirants to pay them and not just give them the reflectors for free. PHOTO/COURTESY

For a long time, the vibrant boda boda sector has been in the front lines of the Kenyan political scene.

Politicians, take advantage of the sector to advance their political agendas especially in the villages since the riders ride to almost every corner of the various.

Through this, politicians know that the riders interact with almost every one from a certain village.

It's also very rare for one to attends a political gathering without bodaboda riders who are mostly youths.

In the gatherings, the riders are at times awarded with reflector jackets by politicians.

The jackets are crucial to riders to improve visibility while riding in various roads to avoid getting involved in accidents with other road users.

With that in mind, politicians in their cunning ways have reflector jackets designed baring their names, political parties, the seats they are vying for as well as their photographs.

This has introduced a debate amongst Kirinyaga county bodaboda riders who feel that they should benefit in some way by wearing such reflector jackets.

One Samuel Ndirangu from Sagana, says that he no longer were reflector jackets branded by politicians.

"We are tired of wearing branded reflector jackets, infact they (politicians) should be paying us just like how they pay for billboards erected in towns," he Said.

Another rider Maina Muchoki from Kagio feels the same way.

"They are not assisting us in any way by distributing those reflectors, instead we are the ones helping them with their campaigns," he noted.

The riders have experience concern over the many questions they have to answer to their passages concerning the names of aspirants printed on those jackets.

"I no longer were them anymore because I'm tired of answering questions to my clients. A person will always ask you about the politician who's name has been printed on the reflector you are wearing."

The riders have therefore warned that any leader or politician wishing to distribute branded jackets to them, should get ready to pay for the service.

"There is nowhere in this world you can't get advertised for free, you must be ready to pay the price, otherwise we shall not we're your branded jackets," Maina said.

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