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Pay for Kenyans working online rise to Sh20,000

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 02:00 |
Online working. Photo/Courtesy

EARNINGS: Kenyans working online earn an average of Sh20,774 every month, a new study by Tifa Research has shown.

Dubbed the National Study on Digital and Digitally enabled Work in Kenya, the research shows the average hourly pay is Sh2,001 while in a week the pay is Sh7,549 compared to earnings per project which is Sh7,110.

The study, commissioned by Ajira Digital programme was launched by Kenya Private Sector Alliance yesterday.

Speaking at the event, Joe Mucheru, ICT, Innovation and Youth CS said Ajira Digital programme has successfully introduced unemployed but skilled youth to the gig economy where they are able to create work for themselves and compete globally through multiple online work platforms.

He said a key component in doing this work was the provision of the necessary tools such as training, and mentorship needed for the youth to work and earn an income with dignity. 

Job opportunities

“This study is a clear testament of the hard work that has gone into nurturing, growing, and positioning the Ajira Digital programme as a change maker in how our young people access work and job opportunities,” said Mucheru. 

He said the programme had partnered with the Judiciary through the ministry to create work opportunities for youth where 61 courts have been digitised through data entry, scanning and transcription of documents.

More than 69,407 legal transcripts, Mucheru added, have been submitted to the judiciary in addition to over 10,596.46 transcribed audio hours and 169,844 case files input in the Case Tracking System. 

“A total of 19,212,514 pages in 148,182 active case files have been scanned. Phase two of data entry and scanning is set to continue, targeting 194 courts in 34 counties and the creation of additional 1,400 jobs over a 6-month period” said Mucheru.

Kepsa chief executive Carole Kariuki said that 63 per cent of adult Kenyans nationally were aware of the digital gig economy and that awareness of the Ajira Digital Programme had increased from 5.5 million people in 2019 to 7.3 million people in 2021.

“Seventy-nine per cent of adult Kenyans nationally said they highly approve of the Ajira Digital Programme, which shows that we are well on the way towards achieving the country’s objective of creating a globally competitive knowledge based middle income economy,” she said.

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