Patrick Ngugi – Epashikino Resort & Spa General Manager

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 23:47 |
Patrick Ngugi - Epashikino Resort & Spa General Manager.

Njeri Maina @njerimainar

How long have you worked at Epashikino?

I have been in the hospitality industry for five years, but I have worked with Epashikino since 2018.

I started out as an intern and while at it, I put my head down and worked hard, learning all I could and I was soon promoted to become the banqueting manager.

In 2020, my performance was reviewed and I was promoted to be the general manager of the hotel, a position I am holding to date.

What drew you to the hospitality industry?

My dad is a hotelier. During long holidays when growing up, he would take my cousins and I to high end hotels where we would either have meals or stay for a short while.

This sparked in me an interest in the industry. When I completed secondary school, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in tourism and hospitality management. My dad was very happy and encouraged me to go for it.

What is unique about Epashi kino Resort & spa?

Epashikino Resort is an award winning tourist resort destination at Lake Elementaita founded in 2017.

Its name is derived from the Maasai word for a joyous place or a place of love, Epashakino, something that the hotel management hopes to engender in their clientele.

We have plush amenities with great views of the Sleeping Warrior Hills, we are known for our signature collection of African themed art, which we use as décor both as an appreciation of our African heritage and to support local artists.

We have great rooms and suites, an in house café and a state of the art restaurant.

We also have a big and fully equipped conference facility ideal for business getaway out of town with enough space for social distancing needs.

Other than the usual stay at the poolside activity, what other activities can hotel guests indulge in?

One can go for a biking tour around the vast Epashikino grounds. We have bikes at the resort which one can hire at a small fee.

We can also arrange for daily excursions to Lake Elementaita which is famous for Flamingo bird watching, Lake Elementaita hot springs, Kariandusi pre historic site, Utamaduni nature park, and Soysambu conservancies.

One can also go for a hike in the nearby Sleeping Warrior Hills and a drive through Lake Nakuru National Park. There are plenty of activities to keep even the most adventurous traveller happy.

What measures  have you putare in place to encourage visitors to visit even as the pandemic rages on?

We have been closely monitoring health trends in the country and strictly complying with stipulated health guidelines.

We have heightened our sanitisation measures to give our guests the peace of mind to experience our warm hospitality.

We, for instance sanitise high traffic areas regularly, and deep clean rooms and fumigate them regularly, leaving them unoccupied for 24 hours to enhance safety.

To promote occupancy, we have reduced our room rates by 20 per cent and have subsidised offer packages, such as free room décor for couples celebrating their special occasions coupled with late checkout.

Kenyans have been consistently supporting us and it is only fairthat we give them the best service. 

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