Patel turns to eSports with rally action off

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 00:00 |
Kenya National Rally Championship Premier Class driver Karan Patel. Photo/PD/BARRY SILAH

Kenya National Rally Championship Premier Class driver Karan Patel has opted to engage in the sport electronically after the coronavirus pandemic brought all action to a standstill.

“For now, we have moved to what is called electronic platform of racing. Currently, there are many sports taking place on simulators. So eSports is becoming a big thing.

There is a big number of local youngsters and older people who are actually racing regularly online.

So I have been racing online because I haven’t been out in a seat as such but very much electronically in a rally seat. It’s nothing compared to the real thing though,” he said.  

“If things get better, we are hoping to have our next race around July, so we are looking forward to getting back on to the rally car again. We hope that things will come back to normal following this global outbreak.

We saw this coming, and once the coronavirus came to the world everything started shutting down slowly.

Obviously, we lost our Safari for this year as it will run next year. Mentally, I was prepared that I wouldn’t be sitting in a rally car,” added Patel.

Meanwhile, the former double champion in Division 3 and S Class is working to be the best rally driver in the country after his upgrade to R5 Ford Fiesta (Toto Moto).

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