Party raises concern over individuals making face masks

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 18:33 |

The No Peu Political party has raised an alarm over what they have termed as an emerging trend where anybody with a sewing machine has become an expert in making face masks.

"This disturbing development, if not checked," the little known party says adding that it could escalate the spread of the coronavirus instead of helping to control it.

“The party, therefore takes this opportunity to ask the government to enforce guidelines on making of face masks as issued by the Ministry of Health in line with standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO),” the party National Chairman Gervasio Mithika said in a press statement sent to newsrooms on Wednesday.

Mithika added: “Alternatively, we are asking the government to use part of, Sh 5.3 billion donated by the World Bank Group to help fight the coronavirus pandemic to buy certified and recommended face masks and distribute them to Kenyans free of charge."

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