Party leader lectures governor over defiance

Monday, May 25th, 2020 11:56 |

Party leader lectures governor over defiance

A beleaguered governor is said to have received a tongue-lashing from his party leader last week for “misconduct”.

Those in the know say the party leader told the county boss to stop creating unnecessary wrangles that are hampering service delivery in the county.

The defiant governor is said to have been breaking all rules of etiquette, painting both the party and party leader in bad light.

If there ever was something like growing too big for one’s boots, here it is…

Hospital visit rocks politician’s marriage

There was drama at a leading city hospital when a popular politician and his family went to visit a sick relative, only to bump into the politician’s lover who was also hospitalised at the facility.

The woman works at a government ministry and is known to the nurses.

The medics thought the family had come to visit the woman and referred them to her ward.

Hell broke lose and it took the efforts of the hospital management to calm the situation.

CBD hawkers now defy order to demolish stalls

The deadline issued to kiosk owners selling secondhand clothes in the CBD to exit ended this week, unleashing a period of anxiety for the traders.

The owners had a month to demolish the stalls strewn across the central bus station and around Khalsa School.

This after the management of the nearby temples complained about the unchecked developments and hawking.

But the hawkers have vowed to stay put, claiming they have the blessings of Governor Mike Sonko.

Senior cop under probe over coronavirus test

A senior police reservist of Asian descent is accused of allowing a powerful businessman to enter the country without undergoing the mandatory test for coronavirus.

The complaint has officially been filed with the Interior Ministry as well as with the Office of the President.

The officer is now under investigation over his conduct and is ruing his action.


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