Parliamentary committee accuses Ruto of incitement

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 00:00 |
Late Paul Koinange.

A parliamentary committee has accused Deputy President William Ruto of inciting Kenyans against State projects using members of Parliament allied to him.

Members of the Administration and National Security committee in the National Assembly said Ruto has of late taken it to attack the government through his allies.

“The latest Huduma Namba queries raised by Ruto allies did not come as a surprise.

Indeed, hypocrisy and doublespeak have been the trademark of the DP,” said committee chairman, Paul Koinange.

Addressing a press conference at parliament buildings yesterday, Koinange told Ruto to ship out of government if he “fundamentally disagrees with its policies.

Koinange who was flanked by a section of his committee members, hit at some of the MPs allied to Ruto who take a lead in criticising the government especially on corruption instead of channeling the same through the committees they sit in.

“The Huduma Namba is not a Jubilee administration project, it is a state project which was created by Parliament through the amendment of the Registration of Persons Act of 2018,” Koinange said.

According to Koinange, who is also the Kiambaa MP, the Huduma number idea was mooted by the Kibaki administration way back in 2005, through the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce on Integration of Population Register Systems (IPRS).

“This followed the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) recommended on the fast-tracking of integration of the registration systems,” said Koinange.

KIbaki administration 

The committee noted that the Huduma Namba is meant to make it easier for the government to offer services to the people and stop corruption and wastage of public resources.

“The Huduma Numba is also meant to help ensure that money meant for Wanjiku reaches her and that population is not inflated in future.

Those fighting it lost at the High Court and the project was given a go ahead,” said committee vice chairperson Fatuma Gedi.

The committee asked those with evidence to show that the Huduma Namba project fraudulently done, to produce the same to the investigating agencies instead of using it as a campaign tool.

On claims that the Huduma Namba will be used to rig elections, the committee stated that it is an open secret that elections are not won on computers and servers but by wooing voters.

“The allegations being peddled by the Ruto team are signs of people who do not have a winning strategy,” Koinange said.

The Ruto allies last week sensationally claimed that there is a scheme to politically manipulate data in the Huduma Namba system as the country heads to the 2022 polls.

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