Parents linked to Athi River deaths

Monday, July 6th, 2020 00:00 |
Homicides detectives have launched investigation into the deaths of children whose decomposing bodies were found inside a car at the Athi River Police Station. Photo/PD/FILE

Parents of one of the children who were on Wednesday last week found dead in a car at Athi River police station after missing for three weeks are among prime suspects in the case.

Detectives from the Homicide Unit from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have revisited the scene twice and interrogated several people, including a man working at the police canteen who claimed he saw the two children at the yard.

According to reliable sources, detectives are closely following leads, which link the disappearance of the two to one of the couples.

The source, who sought anonymity intimated to People Daily that the suspect couple could have links to a cult and might have been involved in the matter after the detectives noted two strange things they found on the bodies of the two children including how they were arranged in the legroom of the rear seats and the fact that the boy was stark naked and his clothes were missing.

According to the detectives, the bodies, with the boy on top of the girl, were lying with the heads facing the left side of the car.

Preliminary investigations now show that the deaths could be related to an occult practice, a revelation that has now seen investigators focusing on them as they could have planned the killings.

Already several people have revealed information that links the couple to the disappearance.

Speaking to the People Daily, the source whose name we cannot reveal further allege that information gathered from the suspected “sacrifice deal” required a first born and a last born child.

It is suspected the motive of the sacrifice was to help the couple acquire riches and must have offered their own child and any other.

“There is crucial information which makes detectives believe the couple has a case to answer.

From preliminary investigations into the cruel death, the incident might not have just been cruelty but a heinous act targeting a beneficial outcome,” said the source.

Unwilling witnesses

Detectives have, however, experienced the challenge of unwilling witnesses and people known to the family in recording their statements.

Already, detectives have found a major disconnect in the accounts given by the children’s parents.

While the two children went missing while together on the fateful day, one couple claimed to have been receiving calls asking for little ram son amounts.

People known to the children’s parents who also sought anonymity claim that one couple was adamant during the search process and resorted to look for their child solely instead of joint efforts.

“The matter is already under investigation, I have given my account to the investigating officers in confidence.

I overheard my neighbor has been involved in a cult that calls human beings sacrifices to acquire riches.

I heard that before the kids got lost and by the reaction as from when the kids went missing, I tend to believe he should be investigated, “said the neighbor.

How the bodies of the two children found their way to a busy guarded police station unnoticed remain another major mystery in the incident.

The family members of Alvina Mwenda, aged three years and nine months, and Henry Jackton, 4 on Friday recorded statements afresh with the DCI to facilitate further investigations.

Detectives were also tracing the last movements of the children on the day they were reported missing but said it would be an uphill task as they were minors who did not even have any mobile phones.

Their residence is about 1km from the police station.

The bodies were stuffed in the legroom of the rear seats with their head facing the left side of the car.

Detectives believe they were put there, according to how they were arranged.

The boy was naked and no clothes were found inside the car, another indication that they could have been murdered elsewhere and bodies sneaked into the station yard.

One exit

The scene is between the station building and the police quarters. Though any CCTV camera does not cover it, it has powerful floodlights.

The yard is easily accessible, but through only one exit, using a vehicle and one can easily drive in.

However, sources from the station said children rarely played there. As a result, the detectives are also trying to establish if the bodies were taken to the yard in another vehicle.

The probe also seeks to establish the possibility of an officer based at the station having helped the killers dump the body at the car yard.

The vehicle was detained at the station following a non-injury traffic accident near Gateway Mall in Syokimau along Mombasa road.

The vehicle, which was extensively damaged, was then towed to the station. The owner was to collect it later after clearing with the insurance and paying the towing fees.

On Wednesday, a team including two government pathologists, a team from Government Chemist, the head of Homicide Henry Nyuguto, DCI Forensic team led by Chief Inspector James Chepchieng.

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