Pain persists: Blow to Waititu as Gicharu rejects county job offer

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 00:00 |
Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu. Photo/FILE

Rural Electrification Authority chairman Simon Gicharu  has turned down an appointment by Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu to lead a committee to scrutinise the county’s questionable pending bills.

The governor, who is now fighting to clear his name over massive graft claims in his administration that  have already seen him paraded in court, last Friday, through his  Finance Executive Kigo Njenga, published Gicharu’s appointment and that of four others.

Those appointed alongside Gicharu were Joel Ruo Ngeru, Hannah Wairimu Muchai, Edwin Gachiri Njuguna and Eng Peter Karanja Njenga with the Gazette Notice indicating a 30-day period of appointment.

“It is notified for the general information of the public that the county executive committee member for Finance and Economic Planning has constituted the pending bills committee,” read the announcement by Kigo who is a former MP for Gatundu North constituency.

But Gicharu, who said he was not consulted and only learnt about his appointment through the media declined to take the offer, saying considering  he is not even an expert in that field, he would not be useful to the committee. 

“I was not consulted and I only saw my name in the Kenya Gazette. I have other issues that I am preoccupied with and again I have no expertise in that field he had appointed me,” Gicharu told People Daily in a statement that deals a blow to what has been widely perceived as Waititu’s belated move to associate himself with professionals in the county.

“Basic courtesy should have dictated that they reach out to me before making such an announcement. At least by doing so, they would have gotten my views on whether I have the knowledge, skills and time to discharge such a task. That said, I will not be taking up the job,” he added.

Gicharu who described the manner of his appointment  as discourteous, said had he been picked on a field related to education matters where he is an expert, he would have considered offering himself since he is an accomplished educationist.

“He (Waititu) has not been involving Kiambu professionals in what he does as far as the running of the county is concerned. The professionals meet regularly to discuss issues of development in the region and here the governor (if he attends) can tap great minds to give expertise in various field,” he added.

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