Opinion: Foreigners should not meddle in the domestic politics of Jubaland

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 18:50 |
Ambassador Francisco Madeira. Photo/Courtesy

Ahmed Osman

Ambassador Francisco Madeira AU mission to Somalia made a statement at UN Security Council on Friday 21 may 2020 that made widespread allegations of how he interfered with Somalia’s clan politics.

His statements at UN Security Council was undermining, goes against the common decency that peace deal between the Jubaland government and its rivals who united under the umbrella of Jubaland Council for change (JCC).

The JCC representatives Mr. Hidig, Mr. Seeraar and Sheikh Dahir reached an agreement with Jubaland president on 23rd April 2020 in Nairobi.

A deal that was brokered by Kenya and other friends of Somalia and the peace process was described as a hardly achieved victory to bring these politicians together, which to a majority it was a mission impossible.

The peace deal was welcomed by significant number of representatives from both the Lower and upper house of Somalia including the federal member state of Puntland.

Also the international community like the USA, UK and EU who have Somalia’s friend, always serious in getting solution to Somalia’s prolong problems have welcomed the pact.

We demand that the special representative of the African Union for Somalia and head of AU mission in Somalia Mr. Fransisco Madeira to resign and provide apology to the Somali People.

His remarks at the UN Security Council Meeting was undiplomatic and unprofessional.

Somalia is sovereign country and its constitution does not allow any foreign intervention and meddling Somali affairs due to personal or self-interest.

Understanding JCC

The JCC is an umbrella hosting all Jubaland oppositions whose candidates ran for Jubaland 2020 presidency but due to not meeting some requirements from Jubaland electoral commission they could not make it to the ballot.

But according to the JCC, they have withdrawn from contesting the polls after alleging that Madobe hijacked the election process.

Whatever the case, Madobe was elected as the President of Jubaland for second term making him as the only politician in Somalia who made second term in office after the collapse of bare regime.

Though, the JCC rejected the outcome of the election and called the national government of Somalia not to recognize.

As expected the Mogadishu’s government too rejected the outcome too and termed as illegal.

Presidential candidates from JCC have since acknowledged Madobe to be truly president elect of Jubaland and this gave an opportunity to other individuals who were never happy with Ahmed Madobe’s power to undermine his government.

They further held conservatives meetings calling for re-election.
However, Some aspirants presidents candidates of Jubaland like Mr. Sheikh Shakul and Mr. Mohamed Dahir Marsheye have withdrawn their claims.

The remaining self-declared presidents from JCC who never had withdrawn from their titles were Mr. Hidig, Mr. Seeraar and Sheikh Dahir.

JCC with full gear with its clan mixture from Jubaland stood behind the remaining self-claimed presidents who they saw as the right people who can bring down Madobe.

These self-crowned president as from the same clan as madobe and this make them the perfect weapon to dethrone Ahmed Madobe.

President Madobe tried to reach these politicians through local elders, business men from the region, and some prominent federal politicians to settle the dispute.

At long last Kenya intervened the matter and invited both parties to make an agreement and finally Kenya and other friends of Somalia succeeded to have brokered the historic peace deal reached between Jubaland President and his rivals.

Immediately this have come out people of Jubaland applauded and welcomed the agreement but the other hand the national government of Somalia refused the peace deal reached between the parties saying it was not inclusive for all.

Ironically the national government was the one used to sponsor JCC giving them advice and all sorts of necessary things so as to give hard times to Madobe’s government.

The JCC response to Madeira. On behalf of the JCC Hon. Hidig who recently made the peace deal with Jubaland president H.E Ahmed Mohamed Islam aka ahmed madobe made press statement condemning the recent AU Somalia Head Mission Statement singling out a Somali tribe contrary to mission neutrality.

He called AU to must change the AU mission head to Somalia per his rhetoric! He urged each and every one to file an official complaint.

Diplomats for sale.

Farmajo government is known of hugely investing on diplomats to get supports or diplomats to look at a blind eyes on their shortcomings and the illegal things them doing in contrary to the Somalia’s provisional constitution.

There are claims that Farmajo government to have made unknown compromise to Ethiopia in order to arrest Jubaland president by force.

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