Only two positions to be contested as basketball body goes to the polls

Thursday, January 21st, 2021 00:00 |
Current KBF president Paul Otula casts his vote at a past election exercise. Photo/PD/DAVID NDOLO

Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) goes to the ballot on Saturday with only two  of the nine elective positions being  contested for. 

A list shared by acting Secretary-General (SG) Ambrose Kisoi shows that only the chairperson’s position and that of the assistant treasurer have more than one applicants who have presented their nomination papers awaiting the official declaration by the Election Panel.

Incumbent Paul Otula who has been at the helm of basketball for the last 12 years having picked up from Agina Wesonga in 2008, will be contesting for another four-year term.

Before taking over as chair, he had served in other positions at the federation bringing his stay in the body to over 20 years.

He will, however, face competition from sports marketer Cyntia Mumbo who declared her candidature for the position early this week.

Mumbo has served in the federation’s executive committee before as well as the basketball women’s commission.

In her manifesto, she listed four pillars performance, commercialization, governance and accountability as well as development that would guide her leadership, were she to be elected. 

“All the four pillars are intertwined. For instance, good performance attracts the masses thus capturing the attention of investors leading to the commercialization of the sport.

Any sponsor or partner in the sport will demand accountability from all stakeholders and with the three achieved, there will be a need for development structures to ensure continuity,” Mumbo explained in a previous interview.

She further added, “We need to have a philosophy that will guide our local basketball.

While the federation cannot micro-manage every level of the sport, they should endeavor to have the standard philosophy passed down to those involved in the sport at lower levels be it academies or schools.”

Meanwhile, the other contested post, assistant treasurer, will see the current officeholder Luke Ocholla square it out with Equity’s Louise Araka and Nelly Odera.

Other uncontested posts include, first vice-chair where Hilmy Ali is unopposed and Donald Liruh as the second vice-chair.

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