Only learners on Nemis will get funds starting January, says PS Kipsang

Friday, December 6th, 2019 00:00 |
Education PS Belio Kipsang says transfer of capitation to all primary schools will be based on Nemis from next month. Photo/PD/FILE

Education Principal Secretary, Belio Kipsang yesterday said transfer of capitation for primary schools will strictly be based on data in National Education Management Information System (Nemis) starting January.

He said the move is to ensure a more accountable process and avoid double disbursements, as has been achieved in distribution of capitation for Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE).

“We are using Nemis to disburse capitation to secondary schools because we are running a subsidised free day secondary education and has been able to improve on efficiency.

We will roll out the same for primary schools in January so that transfer of capitation will now be based on Nemis,” the PS said. 

Kipsang made the remarks at a Nairobi hotel during the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) technical meeting ahead of the board meeting next week, with participants drawn from 42 countries.

“When we first rolled out Nemis last year, we were able to detect that when there are transfers, some schools from which the student have come from would continue to submit their names and so is the new there would be double funding but now Nemis is able to detect such movements and exclude names from where they have come from,” added Kipsang. 

Extended period

The PS Kipsang disclosed that Ministry of Education has received an extended period of GPE funding for another two years, which will go towards supporting different programmes.

He said the ministry will receive another Sh1 billion to cover the extended period while the ongoing programme still has Sh1.3 billion.

Kipsang said the extended facility will go towards helping teachers – under School-Based Teacher Support (SBTS) initiative – to enhance content delivery in early grade Mathematics.

The PS said the ministry will also use the monies to strengthen management and accountability in schools, strengthen data management systems and have more focus on learning assessments.

“GPE programme is helping our country in the quest to provide accessible quality education for all children,” said Kipsang.

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