One on one with Hech K

Sunday, June 14th, 2020 21:02 |

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I'm Hech k.Born and raised in Nandi Hills from a family of four; two sisters and one brother (Mercy, Quirine and Andrew).I went to school at Khartoum primary then proceeded to Lelwak Boys for my secondary education then after that I completed my education at Kenya institute of professional college. I am currently a gospel artist.

How did you come up with the name Hech K and why did you chose to use that name as your stage name?

I got the name Hech k from my initials from it's just like saying HK.I have modified it but my original name is Humpherey Kipkemboi

How many songs do you plan to release this year and what is your inspiration behind you chosing to do gospel music?

Okay this year I had planned to release more songs but covid 19 has changed alot of my plans, I still have a chance to give my fans more songs regardless of the situation.What pushes me is that I have been raised in Christianity, all mylife and my faith is strong.

Are you planning to do more genres besides Kenyan pop? Nope

You are a very talented singer.When did you discover you had a passion for music and when did you start singing?

I found myself in love with music since my childhood days.You could always spot me in church choirs and music festivals.
I started in a group in 2017 but it never lasted so I began doing my own projects in 2018.

Tell us more about your relationship with Christ and how it influences the songs you write and sing.

I am His son so whatever I do I am guided by the holy spirit. I always make sure my music is positive and has an impact in someone's life.

Can share with us a testimony that will encourage one of our readers of how Christ has changed your life?

God is there,I have gone through few things that in one way or another God has been faithful.I worked in a tea plantations in my early stages of life and even after my high school education when I was in college I was a cleaner at harambee house 4th and 5th floor.I used to wake up early and would clean the building between 4:00am to 6:00am before heading to class at 8:00am.One day was I talking to one of the staff members and explained to them that our cleaning company usually take time to pay us. She then asked me if I could work as a watch man, who is Hech k? I don't choose work, immediately I accepted and started my new job. I worked as a watchman for 7 months all night shifts and during the day I was a attending my lessons.
From there I did sales and marketing before going for attachment in Nandi Hills Hospital.
After my attachment I came back to Nairobi to compete my course and was employed .
All in all God has been faithful.

What are some of the highlights of being a gospel singer? I'm in a better place now because of gospel music and I also love inspiring and touching lives through my gift.

What are some of the challenges of being a gospel singer?
Financial challenges, getting media publicity and marketing can be a huge challenge

What advise do you have for the Christian brothers and sisters who are reading now?
Do what God wants you to do and fulfill your purpose in life

How can they reach you?
Me: Fb @hechkkeny
Ig @hechkkenya
Tw. @hechkk

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