One-on-one with a social media marketing expert

Thursday, August 12th, 2021 00:00 |

The popularity of digital marketing has exploded in Kenya, especially on Twitter, and it is now almost strange to think that a day could pass without an issue, event or product being promoted on the social media network.

This popularity has led to the mushrooming of so-called digital marketing strategists claiming to have the ability to work wonders on social media and promote your brand. The titles in the bios of such individuals boast about their “prowess” and make them out to appear as people educated and vastly experienced in the field but that is very rarely the case.

One of those rare exceptions is Daniel Maithya, the founder of RoyalTrendia, a digital media marketing, public relations and content development agency in the country.

A man of humble beginnings and immense ability, Maithya began his career in digital marketing in 2016 and has made it his main focus, as evidenced by his company, rather than a side-hustle, indicating the level of dedication to his work.

He boasts a vibrant social network with hundreds of thousands of followers, a professional network across various economic industries, and, most importantly, a reputation for delivering what he promises.

Very early on, Maithya saw the potential in the industry and immersed himself in thoroughly researching the field, which he still does, and consulting far and wide in a bid to gain more, up-to-date knowledge in the ever-evolving industry.

According to Maithya, a digital presence is now a must-have for any business worth its salt as it gives an impression of dynamism and credibility (in this digital age) in addition to other core services, like customer care service, advertising and public communications.

“Digital media marketing is not a new trend nor a strange term for Kenyan businesses, it’s a solution that can no longer be ignored,” Maithya said.

“Social media posts provide an opportunity for the public to find your new web content and click through to your site.”

“Whatever your industry, segment and audience, a substantial portion of your customers and leads are on social.”

Maithya added that one can easily get into the industry as it is not very capital intensive but patience is a requirement in growing in it, just like anywhere else.

“You can start small by using your phone to grow your brand and get traction if you don't have all the necessary tools like a laptop.”

He also insists that prospective entrants must do thorough research about the industry and its tools to be well equipped for their entry into the fray and become credible service providers.

“Know the basics of all the social media platforms before starting social media marketing. Consistence matters in terms of your branding and posting.”

“Know what social media channel works for you and your brand. Some brands work better on Instagram, others on LinkedIn, others might not work on Twitter.”

According to Maithya, one must take a genuine interest in digital media marketing to grow their brand and strive to offer holistic professional services, like consultations and submission of reports. These, he argued, are what will make one entrepreneur stand out from the rest.

“This industry is not just about making a hashtag trend, it is about promoting a brand, building meaningful conversation around it, converting leads and giving the client a summary of how their product is perceived.”

“You need to know exactly what the client wants to achieve when engaging you.”

Maithya noted that the industry’s scope for growth means the potential for one to make a decent living from it, as he does, exists and can go a long way in helping to solve the youth unemployment crisis facing the country.

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