Ole Sapit condemns violence that erupted during DP Ruto’s Busia rally

Sunday, October 24th, 2021 17:35 |
Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit. Photo/File

ACK archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has condemned violence that erupted during Deputy president's Busia rally.

Sapit said that everyone has a right to solicit votes from any part of the country without any interference from any quarter.

He said no Kenyan should be treated as an alien in their own country.

Speaking at ACK Trinity in Kianjokoma Embu North, he urged politician to conduct peaceful campaigns as the political arena heat rises.

He urged Kenyans to give peace first priority during this year's campaigns and allow each Kenyan to exercise her constitutional right.

"I want to urge every one as we approach 2022 to refresh our leadership let's approach it with sombre mind without heckling, let have an opportunity to listen to everyone and let's defect from mentioning things that may divide.

"Let's make decision informed by our hearts and the trust that we are going to give out to the people who are going to present themselves, let's peruse them," Sapit urged.

Sapit warned political competitors in all fields against using vulgar language and advised them to look for votes peacefully through articulating their agenda and blueprint they have for the people.

He said political campaigns that will incite Kenyans to tribalism should not be tolerated at all.

"Let's make sure the language we are going to use if it's going to be tested by God, use language that you know God is not going to hold you accountable for any wrong word that you are going to use against anybody," Sapit said.

Sapit said there is need for politicians to be civil and engage campaigns in civility in order to build a united Kenya.

The archbishop also said there is need for the politicians to accept the outcome of the election and support the leadership that locals will install.

-Sapit said Kenya is a free nation and any person is entitled to express themselves in whatever they are and a free society that has freedom of speech and further said political tolerance is the way to go.

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