ODM urged to hold free and fair primaries

Monday, September 28th, 2020 00:00 |
Former Gombato Bongwe Ward Rep Omar Boga.

Munira Mandano

The battle for Msambweni parliamentary seat is expected to assume a fresh dimension when the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) holds its primaries on Thursday.

Aspirants expected to fight out for the ticket are former Gombato Bongwe Ward Rep Omar Boga and ODM Kwale party official Nicholas Zani. Boga, who vied for parliamentary seat as an Independent candidate, will face an uphill task to convince ODM supporters why he ditched the party after losing in the primaries.

 Fear among his supporters is that if he loses on Thursday, he might do his ‘thing’ of pitching the Independent tent. 

On the other hand, his arch-rival, Zani, will have to explain why he moved from his Matuga Constituency to Msambweni to vie as it is believed he comes from Matuga. 

Msambweni was earlier considered an ODM zone, but the 2017 party wrangles are believed to have affected the support ODM enjoyed at the grassrootS.

Locals, led by Jermaine Kashi, an ODM supporter, has urged the party to hold free and fair nominations without any influence or favour like it happened in 2017.  

“We are still not happy with what happened during the 2017 ODM nominations  that made most party supporters withdraw their membership in Msambweni,” said Kashi.

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