ODM opts for consensus in election of its officials

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 00:00 |
ODM election board chair Catherine Mumma and seceretary general Edwin Sifuna during a recent press briefing in Nairobi. Photo/PD/FILE

Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) will apply consensus building as the first method to be used in party elections.

This involves an agreement by party members or delegates on who will hold what office.

In its latest draft of rules and regulations to guide grassroots polls ahead of next election, the party’s National Elections Board (NEB) says where consensus fails, members and delegates will vote through any method, including by raising of hands, queuing behind candidates (mlolongo) and by secret ballot.

“The party encourages members to apply consensus in all elections in the first instance provided that consensus reached does not violate the principles provided by the party,” reads part of the election rules handbook.

The board is, however, encouraging members who dispute election results at the polling station, sub-branch, branch or county levels to resolve the disagreements amicably.

Where a settlement is not reached, the disputes will be referred to NEB.

“NEB may appoint a panel of three persons to assist in the resolution of any dispute,” the rules state.

Branch officials

According to the guidelines, all registered party members will be accorded the opportunity to directly participate in the election of  officials at the polling station where 80 delegates are elected, 20 each to the four party structures which comprise of the mainstream party office, the ODM Women League, Youth League and the Disability League.

After the polling station election, the polling station office-bearers become delegates who will elect the sub-branch officials who become the delegates for electing the branch officials who in turn elect the county officials who then elect the national officials.

“ODM advocates and recognises the need for internal democracy in all its processes,” the handbook reads.

The Catherine Mumma-led NEB says every registered party member will be given the opportunity to elect polling station office bearers.

The branch (constituency) elections will be conducted through the delegates system and that the officials elected at each sub-branch will be the only delegates eligible to vote in branch elections.

“The Branch (Constituency) elections shall be organied to take place on a date agreed upon in consultation with NEB.

The election process shall ensure that the elected Branch  office is compliant with the principles provided in the Guidelines.” 

According to the guidelines, the county elections will be conducted through the delegates system and that the officials elected at each branch will be the only delegates eligible to in County elections.

Electoral college

And further to the elections held at the polling station, sub-branch, branch and county levels the Party will convene the National Delegates Convention in accordance with the Party Constitution.

The National Delegates Convention (NDC) will be convened for the purposes of electing members to the national offices set out in the Party Constitution namely the National Governing Council (NGC), the National Executive Committee (NEC), the Women’s League, Youth League and the Disability League.

After the elections, the National Delegates Convention will convert into the National Electoral College for purposes of electing the Party’s presidential candidate for the next presidential election.

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