ODM chief lays ground for big announcement

Monday, December 6th, 2021 05:35 |
ODM Leader Raila Odinga at the 7th Annual Devolution Conference in Makueni County PHOTO/COURTESY

ODM leader Raila Odinga has told Kenyans to prepare for the biggest economic revolution should he be elected President in the August
2022 polls.

Speaking in Kasarani constituency yes- terday, Raila said he has an appointment with Kenyans on Friday at Kasarani, saying that is the day he will respond to all the issues they have been telling him during his Azimio la Umoja countrywide tours.

“On Friday this week, I will stand before the nation and give you the answer to all the issues you have been raising,” said Raila as he charged Nairobi for the final Azimio rally in the city.

He urged Kenyans from all walks of life to join him at Kasarani stadium. “This will be a national event. Everyone is invited to at- tend.We need to come together and reason as one people,” he said.

He said the ‘Azimio la Umoja’ clarion call has been one adventure that no other leader in the country had ever thought of doing. “I have been listening to Kenyans and their leaders speak, have raised pertinent issues affecting our country and asking about what can be done to fix the country, we have a solution to all these problems,” he said.

The former premier said next year’s election should be about issues and not insults, adding that Kenyans want a leader who will inspire them to get rich and not one who will become rich on their behalf.

“We want every Kenyan to have a share of the national cake. Money in the pockets is our clarion call,” he added.

Raila said Kenya still experiences illiteracy, poverty and diseases 57 years after independence.

“We will not reinvent the wheel. Kenyans have a reason, capability and the will. I want to join the youths to eradicate poverty so that the youths and women can have money in their pockets,” said Raila.

He slammed leaders spreading hate among Kenyans and balkanizing the country along tribal lines, saying such politics had been overtaken by events.

“We want every Kenyan to enjoy peace. Every Kenyan is free to live and work in any part of the republic, and that is why we are a sovereign state.”

The former premier said that the government will ensure that each sub-county has Tertiary and Vocational Education Training institutions to enable those who cannot proceed to University direct take up vocational courses like carpentry, tailoring, plumbing, welding, Information and
Communication Technology (ICT),” said Raila.

“There can never be peace when people are not united, hence the Azimio la Umoja. We want Kenyans to speak peace, love and unity for this country to grow, for our economy to prosper and for us to create an enabling environment for investors to put their money here that will see our youths get jobs,” he said.

While criss-crossing the vast and popu- lated constituency, Raila made stop overs in Njiru, Mwiki, Santon and Kasarani areas where he addressed mammoth roadside gatherings.

Earlier, the ODM Leader joined other faithful for the Sunday service at the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Af- rica (AIPCA) Church in Njiru, where Bishop Amos Karanja of the Nairobi Archdiocese conducted the service.

Raila said the church has a history and was steadfast during the liberation of the country.

“These days I’m preaching Azimio La Umoja. Peace is not the absence of war, there cannot be war but we are not at peace,” said Raila.

He said his administration would en- sure every child gets an equal opportunity to education, health, shelter, food and life, adding that no Kenyan should be discriminated against on religious grounds.

“We want equality; everyone has equal chances of making his or her life better.

We will look at the issue of schools and establish the social protection fund like in the United Kingdom,” he said.

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