Nyawira Mumenya aka Miss Nyawi is a fashion blogger, social media influencer

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 00:00 |
Nyawira Mumenya aka Miss Nyawi is a fashion blogger and social media influencer.

Nyawira Mumenya aka Miss Nyawi is a fashion blogger and social media influencer who uses her love for fashion to inspires plus-size women to build their confidence and self love. Faith Kyoumukama chats with her about her style. 

What pushed you to start blogging? 

While I was in campus in 2011, there weren’t many visible plus size women talking about style, at least locally.

I thought I had some style and that’s when I decided to start my blog.

I had no interests of being an influencer. At that time, all I knew and wanted was to blog, but I have since evolved into being an influencer, which I now love.  

How would you describe your style? 

I do not have a particular description to my style, but I’d like to call it bold and casual.

What are the essentials would you recommend to curvy girls?

Confidence is top tier. Then good undergarments, black shape wears, high waist pants, and nothing beats a little black dress.

Which fashion era do you love?

I love the present era. It has become so expressive and more plus-size ladies are embracing style. This is very encouraging if compared with any other era.

What’s your latest beauty discovery?

That using wet wipes on your face is totally bad for your skin! I discovered that on TikTok, so I now opt for oil cleansing and my skin is smooth and it feels good.

Your biggest wardrobe malfunction would be?

It was during an event when my bodysuit decided to rip on the sides. I was so embarrassed, but thank goodness it was at night.

I just felt super cold and that’s when I knew things had taken a wrong turn.

Most surreal fashion experience to date? 

Partnering with Fashion Nova Curve. To this day, it’s still feels like a dream. I love wearing their clothes because they are trendy and they stock amazing plus-size pieces.

Your comfortable indoor look while on quarantine is? 

A dera; nothing beats that. Most women would agree that’s it’s a must-have and it’s very comfortable, especially when you’re just indoors.

Who do you consider as your fashion icons? 

Rihanna tops my list. Her style is top-notch.

Should women shop for what’s trendy or what works best for them? 

Honestly, both works. Who doesn’t want something that’s trendy and works out for them? I would go for both.

Is there one fashion item you simply can’t leave the house without? 

That is definitely my kiondo bag. It’s versatile and carries most of my things thus making it a practical part of me.

What fashion essentials do you splurge on the most?

Clothes and more clothes. I should start buying more shoes though.

What’s your take on the ‘Buy Kenya Build Kenya’ initiative in regards to fashion?

 I think it’s a great initiative, and everyone should be onboard with it. If we can embrace it in the right manner, it can propel our local fashion industry to great heights.

Where do you mostly shop for fashion pieces?

Everywhere; I literally mean it. From the roadside, to thrift markets such as Gikomba to the stores in malls.  

Any plans to start a fashion line?

That was a dream of mine, but I plan to start a plus-size agency. All things modelling, influencing and all.

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