Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo re-tables James Gesami’s name as his preferred deputy

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 21:57 |

Nyamira governor Amos Nyaribo today, May 18, resent back the name of Dr. James Ondicho Gesami to the County Assembly as his preferred nominee for the position of Deputy Governor.

In a one page letter dated May 13, addressed to the Speaker of the Assembly Mofat Teya, Nyaribo said that he had resent back the name to the Assembly after the nominee availed documents which had caused his rejection when it was tabled in the house in January 2021.

“I have read the report of the county Assembly dated January 2021 containing the reasons for the decision of the county Assembly to reject the name of the nominee when it was tabled before . I have also discussed the said report with the deputy governor nominee who has assured me that the circumstances relied upon for rejection of his appointment have since ceased to exist .Attached hereto is schedule and certified copies of the relevant documents” read part of the letter.

Gesami’s name was rejected after 21 members of the County Assembly rejected it against 16 who supported it.

It was later established that the name was rejected because of 2022 gubernatorial politics where a candidate who is interested allegedly bribed the MCAs so as to have the name rejected.

“In the premises, I nominate Dr.James Ondicho Gesami for appointment as a deputy governor and hereby pursuant to the provisions of section 10(2) of the public appointment(county Assembly approval )Act,2017 resubmit the name of James Ondicho Gesami for vetting and approval by the County Assembly as required by law” read part of the letter.

Ekerenyo Ward Rep Thaddeus Nyabaro has told People Daily that they are ready to pass the name since the documents which were missing are now available.

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