NPCA internal feuds push clubs to organise own events

Friday, August 9th, 2019 00:00 |
Kanbis batsman Nelson Odhiambo making runs during the 2019 Super Division T20 Nairobi invitational tournament at the Sikh Union grounds last week. Photo/ALEX NJUE

The recently-concluded Nairobi Invitational T20 Cricket Championship brought to the fore the raging war between clubs and league organisers Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association (NPCA).

Ordinarily, NPCA is supposed to have been the organiser of the T20 Championship but the event went on without the blessings of the mother body with clubs opting to do it on their own.

The clubs accuse NPCA of only engaging in internal feuds that have made it difficult to conduct elections to put in place a ‘credible and functional office’ hence the decision to conduct their own affairs. 

Clubs are also not happy with Cricket Kenya for failing to show leadership over the matter and as a result, have resorted to organising their own tournaments.

“We are not interested in politics. Our clubs just want to play. This is not a rebellion. Ultimately for us, cricket must be the winner and players too,” said Stray Lions official Thota Sreenevas, who was behind the just-ended Hirani Telecom T20 Championship.

NPCA chairman Tom Tikolo has, however, defended his organisation over the accusations, saying the clubs were forwarded minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and reasons for the postponement of elections. 

“We are constantly in touch with our members so when everything is ready, they will be made aware. There is no need of creating a storm when we can address the arising issues,” said Tikolo.

As the feuds continue, the NCPA league has failed to kick off and with no word on the issue out yet, the clubs and their sponsors are finalising plans for a 50 over invitational tournament. 

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