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Not having a househelp is a viable option

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 04:15 |
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Mom in the Fix

“Kwani, they can’t afford a house help?” This statement from one of the house helps across our house has earned me a dirty front door because my husband will no longer clean the front of our home.

On the other hand, my neighbor’s husband from the back of our house seemed to have gained courage after seeing Justin clean and clear up his doorstep when his people leave for the day. 

Is it unusual? Not anymore! See, the regular eight to five is no longer standard with the current economy, and my husband’s industry adds him to the bandwagon. 

All hands on deck

Our working schedules are flexible, which means that we both have time to take on house chores.

We agreed to split them this way: Justin prepares dinner and lunch on weekends since he is into food.

He also helps to run the clothes on the machine and leave them ready for me to hang.

On the days when he’s home, he’ll maintain the house and do his best to clean after himself. I, on the other hand, will take charge of cleaning dishes, floors among others.

The girls help arrange their rooms before I come in with the mop. It is on such days that our front door will get a clean. 

Working in sync

I tried to explain this schedule to my mother, but she remained adamant that I should hire a house help.

When she dropped by on Saturday, she was curious to see for herself. Justin chopped and diced all the vegetables he needed to make the stew.

I allowed him time and cleared up the sink while the water boiled. As soon as bae switched to the cooking area, I cleaned up the counter and was soon kneading and squeezing the dough.

I laid it out, oiled it and cut up my strips, ready to roll them up. By the time Justin switched the stew to the lower heat to simmer, I had my pan in my hand, ready to fry the chapatis.

The food would be ready at the same time. My mother was so impressed, she could not hide her admiration.

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