No to basics: Everything you need to know about Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Saturday, November 27th, 2021 00:00 |
It easily folds out into a tablet.

By John Green

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a phone that you either love with the way it folds in and out into what’s a tablet, or you hate because it’s a bit stranger, a bit chunkier and also way expensive and out of reach for many people.

The worthiness of the phone is all about how you use it. It makes no sense if you make a few phone calls and take pictures to go for the most premium foldable phone around, and no flagship makes sense if you’re making basic phone stuff.

But this one mainly because, sure, it’s slightly slimmer than before, bur it’s still one heck of a heavy brick that weighs down your pocket, and is uncomfortable to unfold and use with just one hand; you have to use two.
Get a regular phone if yours is just essential use.

If you want something a bit more exciting from a phone; you want to use it as an e-book without squinting your eyes, or as a tablet, you want to play games on a giant screen, or you’re a photographer who wants to show photos without carrying a tablet around, this is a phone for you.

The Galaxy Z Fold is far better than any regular phone for multitasking. You can use two or three apps side by side, and you can easily switch between different combinations of apps.

Samsung has done its best to make this a durable, foldable device. It’s now sealed from even water with an official IPX8 protection, so a bit of rain won’t hurt it.

The hinge is super solid, as it moves without squeaking.
On the camera side, many people say that that’s a bit of a compromise. You have a wide and ultra-wide, and a telephoto zoom lens.

The size of 4,400 milliamp-hour batteries you have here on such a big phone running Android does not sound good, but it will get you through a day in real life of mixed-use.

You will take calls, read notifications, and quick reply to notifications, all on the cover screen.

You get easy access to the fingerprint scanner on the side. The volume keys remain pleasingly clicky, and have a fantastic texture on the side that helps get a firmer grip.

Overall, this phone is the best version of a foldable around. There is just no competition.

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