NMS gives seven days notice for collection of bodies in morgues

Thursday, March 18th, 2021 00:00 |
City Mortuary. Photo/Courtesy

Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) yesterday issued a seven-day notice for the collection of 119 unclaimed bodies in various city morgues.

In a notice published in local dailies, families have been given a week to pick the corpses, failure to which NMS will be forced to dispose them.

The notice lapses on March 24.

“Interested members of the public are asked to identify and collect the named bodies within seven days, failure to which the Nairobi Metropolitan Services will seek authority for removal,” reads the notice by Health Secretary NMS Dr Josephine Kibaru.

According to the notice, 105 bodies are at the Nairobi City Mortuary of which 20 of them have already been identified. 

Three other bodies are at Mbagathi Hospital Funeral Home including two males and one female. Eleven other bodies are at the Mama Lucy hospital. 

They include five females and six males. The bodies have been in the morgues since June last year, leading to the congestion.

 Nairobi City Mortuary, for instance, has a holding capacity of 160 bodies, with roughly 18 bodies received daily.

 This is the third time NMS has called for the collection of bodies, a clear indication that many people die without the knowledge of their kin. 

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