Night meeting on Luhya politics turns rowdy

Thursday, June 11th, 2020 10:42 |
Luhya leaders at a past event. Photo: Courtesy

Night meeting on Luhya politics turns rowdy

A late night meeting convened by a leading politician turned awry on Tuesday night after senior politicians differed on salient issues.

The meeting was called to discuss the ongoing bid to force Western leaders to play ball regarding the emerging new political coalitions.

However, when one of the senior politicians began casting aspersions on a section of leaders from Western Kenya and questioning their political clout, the meeting turned rowdy, forcing some of the leaders to flee without paying their hotel bills.

Governor’s ‘friends’ dim his political star

A governor was left with egg on his face after a meeting with friends and journalists took an unpleasant direction.

The man convened the meeting—with people he can trust— to analyse the current political atmosphere and whether he has a chance of vying for a bigger seat come 2022.

His friends, however, candidly told him his political star had dimmed and the best he could hope for was an MP seat.

He left the meeting in a huff. What he did not know was that some of the “friends” had been paid by his detractors to discourage him. Politics is not for the faint-hearted indeed.

Senior scribe forced to aplologise to juniors

A senior journalist was recently forced to apologise after an attempt to correct younger colleagues over coverage of the political situation in the country.

The scribe- turned-PR man received a backclash, with the juniors accusing him of hoarding lunch money belonging to the journalists.

He apologised profusely.

State official butt of joke over tech ignorance

A senior government official was recently embarrassed during a zoom meeting after he displayed his ignorance of basic technology.

The young official who has styled himself as a tech guru surprised his colleagues when he was unable to host a meeting and had to summon his assistant to help him do so.

The red-faced official had a difficult time explaining his inadequacies to the amusement of his colleagues.


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