NGO warns politicians against hatred messages

Saturday, September 26th, 2020 19:10 |
Mwanzo mpya NGO leaders

Kenyans have been urged to promote peace as the country heads to the 2022 general elections.

Speaking over the weekend, a Non- Governmental Organization(NGO) dubbed Mwanzo Mpya warned politicians against propagating hatred messages saying it will be a recipe for chaos and violence.

Chairman of Mwanzo Mpya Charles Mwangi said it will be impossible to achieve development and growth when citizens are not peaceful.

He called on leaders to work together for the sake of the wellbeing of the public and the nation.

"Development and peace will have no space if there is enmity between leaders. There is a time for competition and there is time for development. Now is the time for development," he said.

Joy Wambui, a member of the organization, pleaded with politicians to cool down the ongoing political temperatures and focus on bringing development to Kenyans first.

Wambui said most politicians have forgotten their role and have started politicking as Kenyans still continue to wait for development.

“ As Kenyans we only want development for now. We will not entertain anyone to divide us at all,” she said.

The organization is set to launch a countrywide exercise where they will be visiting all corners of this country as they preach and unity.

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