New twist in Usonga Parliamentary seat as elders ask Governor Rasanga to drop bid

Saturday, September 11th, 2021 19:51 |
Siaya Governor Cornell Rasanga when he appeared before Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee yesterday over the audited accounts of his county. Photo/SAMUEL KARIUKI

The Kakan Clan of Alego Usonga sub-county has asked governor Cornel Rasanga and former MP George Muluan Omondi to shelve their bids for the Alego/Usonga Parliamentary seat in favour of parliamentary aspirant Nicholas Kut Ochogo.

Last Week, Governor Rasanga had declared interest in the seat at Randago Village Center, a move that has angered his uncles under the Kakan Clan.

Speaking in Siaya town on Monday, the chairman of Kakan Kanyango community, Okoth Olwoko, beseeched their nephews to step down in favour of Kut whom they had endorsed and blessed for the Parliamentary seat.

Olwoko said since the clan holds majority of votes in the constituency they would not want to be part of the initiative that will split the votes revealing the reason why they plead with other contenders to drop their bids.

We are going to support a single candidate for the position and not Rasanga for we had given him full support in 2013 and 2017 respectively,” Oluoko said adding that two are kinsmen and cannot go for the same post.

“We request them to vie for other remaining positions or help ODM leader Raila Odinga in a presidential campaign so as to be considered for other portfolios in National government,” he added.

Olwoko said the MP seat does not match Rasanga’s league and in case he is defeated, he shall lose the respect he had earned.

“When he faced stiff competition in his previous quests, he approached us as his uncles and we defended him fully. As per Luo, tradition it’s a taboo for a child to fight for a position with his father."

He claimed that a lecturer cannot abandon University to teach in a secondary school or Primary school.

Besides Kut, Muluan, Rasanga and Incumbent Samwel Atandi, the other leaders who ran for a gubernatorial post in 2013 William Oduol Denge is eyeing the Parliamentary job.

The elders formally endorsed Kut’s bid, technically posing a big challenge to other possible contenders eyeing the seat from the region.

The pronouncement by a section of Elders from Kakan clan came days after Rasanga launched his parliamentary bid last week

The elders, vowed to ring-fence the vote rich-clan.

“We have also been in constant consultations with elders from other clans in the constituency to ensure Kut receives a deserved backing from all the residents,” he said.

He said the region must change the narrative of being a region where every Tom, Dick and Harry comes to scoop votes.

Silvanus Oyoo, an elder representing the Kakan Katoo community, advised Kut not to throw barbs at his political rivals and nemesis but remain focused on the main prize.

“You have embarked on a journey that has several political obstacles, you should not be destructed,” Oyoo said.

Speaking separately, Kut described the elders’ endorsement as a big statement and gesture, signifying their trust and belief in him.

Kut said the region ought to wake up from slumber because the elders have finally spoken and given the political direction.

Kut pledged to fix the ailing economy if elected but urged the elders to reach out to local politicians who want to scuttle his ambitions.

“I want to send you to ask my brothers to walk with me through this journey,” Kut added.

However Governor Rasanga maintained that his Parliamentary bid is unstoppable adding that he shall seek audience with the voters directly till he achieves his ambitions.

“I will do my calculation correctly and woo ODM leadership and supporters whom I know will not abandon me in the hour of need,” Rasanga said.

Rasanga will bank on initiated projects, contractors that earned jobs, employees recruited during his reign and families that offer services in the county directly or indirectly.

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