NDEGWA: Moi’s legacy is about living by the grace of God

Thursday, February 6th, 2020 14:00 |
Late retired President Daniel Arap Moi. Photo/File

I have waited to write my opinion on the life and times of the second President of the Republic of Kenya Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, for years.

However, for inexplicable reasons, I usually lose the psychic energy to share my perspective.

Well, the news that Moi has departed from this world has not come as a surprise. The country had been gradually prepared for his demise, as he was occasionally admitted and discharged from hospital. 

Moi’s rich life is testament to what the Rastafarians say, that, who Jah bless, let no man curse.

For long I have maintained, against much opposition and ire from parochialists, that Moi was a highly blessed man.

The rise of Moi from a nondescript beginning in Sacho village to national and international limelight, is simply phenomenal anywhere. 

In my community, there is a saying that goes yeragwo yari iria yakua (people praise a cow for its high milk yield when it dies).

The Bible, which Moi loved so much, says in Mark 6:4 “A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house”. Moi’s unsurpassed wisdom will be evident in another generation.  

I am not attempting to rewrite history. As a human being, Moi was fallible, just like those who have come after him.

In fact, the goofs of his political opponents and critics have exonerated Moi from many accusations levelled against him when he was in power.

Look at the so called multi-party democracy advocates of yesteryears, who today have become hyenas, devouring the same sheep they claimed to protect from blood thirsty wolves.

A few years after Moi’s retirement, Kenya started some transformation, but has since reverted to the default settings we are experiencing today.

Regardless of one’s bias, Moi’s story is simply legendary. He rose to power against vicious machinations that were supposed to totally destroy him.

Historians should strive to research why founding President Jomo Kenyatta kept Moi very close to him, amidst the machinations of the so-called Kikuyu mafia aimed at the apparent wimp. 

Like him or not, the self-proclaimed professor of politics was a giraffe who saw what the political and national horizon portended.

He straddled the country like a colossus, crushing all opposition to his rule. He was really the greatest during his era.    

Word has it that Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, was the apple of his father’s eye. I guess there is truth in this assertion, seeing how Moi Junior has been the face of his father since the latter left office.

Indeed, Gideon’s demeanour on his father’s transition is proof that he was the man after his father’s own heart.  

Ultimately, it is God who gives life. The man who Moi shunted out of power, former Attorney General of Kenya, and Minister of Constitutional Affairs, “Sir” Charles Njonjo is still alive and kicking.

Last month, the nation joined Njonjo in celebrating his centenary birthday, having lived a full, albeit quiet life.

Like Moi has outlived many of his enemies, peers who had ‘cursed’ Njonjo for his alleged haughtiness and oppression have preceded him to never-never land. Indeed, God does not judge like humans do.

There are many powerful and influential people of all walks of life who the society has condemned for various reasons. But these people have lived, or continue to live their lives without limits.

Conversely, there are those we perceive almost like angels who, unluckily, seem to be plagued by problems. In the words of Acts 10:34-35, “God is no respecter of persons...”

Our heartfelt condolences; saisere, ru nemie—farewell and sleep tight! — The writer is a communication expert, and public policy analyst [email protected]

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