National census: Community hails ruling allowing its enumeration

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 00:00 |
Council of Elders chairman Joseph Leboo .

The Lembus community in Baringo county has hailed last week’s High Court ruling that okayed the tiny Kalenjin sub-tribe to be enumerated on its own in the upcoming census. 

Council of Elders chairman Joseph Leboo said the ruling presents a new dawn for the community.  “We have been coded now as a tribe and we have a lot of plans for our people in terms of education, economy and conservation of forest which we love so much,” he said during a ceremony to celebrate the ruling in Eldama Ravine grounds on Sunday.   

The community and the government entered into a consent with the Kenya Bureau of Statistics last Wednesday agreeing to count them as a distinct ethnic community in the   census exercise that commences this week.

Hard working

The Lembus had previously moved to court seeking autonomy from the Tugen sub-tribe within whom they were previously enumerated arguing that their culture and ancestry are different.

Boasting of about 160, 000 registered voters, Leboo said that they are going to put their votes in one basket in future elections. “We are telling our people to rise up and work. Our work will make us free. We are not beggars. We’re not slaves,” he said.

 Council of Elders secretary general Joseph Tiongik said it would reclaim its position locally and at the national arena. Former Cabinet Minister Musa Sirma said  they would demand benefits accrued from Lembus Forest and the Sh5 billion Chemususu Dam.

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