Namibia holds national clean up campaign

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 16:29 |
Namibian residents are seen with heaps of garbage after taking part in a clean up exercise in Windhoek, capital of Namibia. (Xinhua/Musa C Kaseke)


  Namibians joined roughly 17 million people from 158 countries across the globe when they participate in the National Clean Up Day Saturday. 

Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta said here on Saturday that the second National Clean Up campaign has been moved to September 21 to bring Namibia in line with thecommemoration of World Clean Up Day, which originated in Estonia in 2008 and is now held annually. The first clean day event hosted in Namibia was held in April last year. 

Shifeta said this year's clean up event was planned with a two-pronged approach. One part of the plan is to clean up and the second part is the launch of a sustained awareness and information campaign to change the behavior and mindset of people with regards to the maintenance of their immediate environment. 

Shifeta also urged the youth to participate. 

  "The hope is the the youth today will show up in numbers because they are the future leaders of the land and inheritors of the environment," said the minister. 

"Members of the public and all sectors of our country are encouraged to take part in this activity which aimed at insuring that the country is free of waste pollution," Shifeta said. 

Maryke Platt, a participant, said she joined because she wants to help Namibia clean. 

"People must learn the importance of keeping their country clean. I am having fun here today. I am happy that I have attended," she said.  (Xinhua)

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