Namibia exhibits art produced during COVID-19 lockdown

Thursday, July 16th, 2020 00:00 |
A man looks at an art at the Namibian Arts Association gallery, during the opening of an art exhibition in Windhoek, capital of Namibia.(Xinhua/Musa C Kaseke)

Namibia on Wednesday evening opened an exhibition titled "While in Quarantine" at the Namibian Arts Association (NAA) Gallery in Windhoek.

The exhibition showcased art produced during COVID-19 lockdown. It is the first of its kind held in Namibia, and will open until July 30.

The curator at the NAA Marcii Magson said the exhibition is aimed at giving artists a voice through their artworks.

"In an attempt to find symmetry in chaos, the NAA has asked artists and creators to share their works from the period of the nationwide lockdown. It is a group exhibition of the creative mind grappling with chaos," she said.

One of the artists, Mukwendje, said many people who attended the exhibition this far were filled with sadness, and new hope for the future. He said they told him that the exhibition has taken them back to a very sad time in their life.

"Many people have painful memories of this period until now, as many of them have lost their jobs. I watched how people stood by one artwork which they could relate to for a long time. We have achieved our vision and this makes me happy," Mukwendje said.

Magson said they decided to host the exhibition because of the positive impact that the industry has on the public. She said artworks have the potential to inspire and motivate during a difficult time.

"2020 held many surprises but none as great as the COVID-19 pandemic that pressed pause to everyday life around the globe. The unthinkable is the new normal and again we look to our artists to lay out the landmarks and reflect on the process," she said. (Xinhua)

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