Nakuru police in cat and mouse chase with Raila security guards

Thursday, September 5th, 2019 10:55 |

Police manning Eldoret Road in Nakuru were forced to eat a humble pie on Thursday morning.

The cops reportedly stopped a SUV at Eveready junction, but the occupants of the sleek car refused to stop leading to cat and mouse chase.

The police had reportedly received intelligence report that the occupants were armed and dangerous.

With a back up of boda boda riders, police finally managed to stop them at KFA roundabout and one of the overzealous askaris deflated the front wheels prompting a fierce war of words.

The occupants whipped out the identity cards indicating saying they were security of former PM Raila Odinga and were headed to the capital for an event.

 Immediately, the boda boda guys started singing "Baabaaa Baabaa" as the cops desperately looked for portable car tyre inflator.

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