Nakuru launches Sh2b affordable housing project

Friday, May 28th, 2021 00:00 |
Housing project. Photo/Courtesy

Low-cost houses will be constructed in Bondeni area, Nakuru at a cost of Sh2 billion under the Affordable Housing Programme (AHP). 

A joint venture between private sector developer Kings Developers Limited and the State Department for Housing and Urban Development, the project is expected to be completed in 30 months. 

It has 605 housing units, comprising one, two, and three bedroomed apartment units sitting on a seven-acre land. 

The houses will cost between Sh1.5 million and Sh4 million. Homeowners will be expected to live in their houses and will not be allowed to sell before the lapse of eight years to avoid speculation on these units. 

Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga said the project was a demonstration of the principle of collaboration adopted in the AHP, which focuses on facilitating private sector developers to invest and drive a new sub-sector in the housing market. 

City status

Hinga said the introduction of private sector players in the project will complement the government’s agenda in affordable housing, noting that a number of projects will require partnerships for realisation. 

He said under the Programme, the government will enable private developers to construct at least 500,000 housing units to meet the demand for houses in the low- and middle-income category. 

“The project fulfills the Constitution Chapter 4, Article 43 which guarantees every Kenyan the right to accessible and adequate housing and reasonable standards of sanitation. Kenyans have a chance to be homeowners,” said Hinga. 

Hinga observed that the government had scrapped a number of bureaucracies that were hindering private sector players from collaborating with the government on such projects. 

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui noted that the project was a boost to the county’s aspiration for city status and change the lives of many people. 

“It is good for people to own property in their working age,” said Kinyanjui (pictured left). 

Yusuf Hassanali of Kings Developers Limited, said among the social amenities to be provided by the project are safe children’s playground, rooftop gardens, running track, perimeter wall and security gate, retail and commercial centre, solar water heaters, lifts and main services connections to power and water including a back-up borehole water system. 

He said the company, which operates within major towns, has created jobs for at least 5,000 Kenyans, acknowledging that Nakuru is a fast-growing town. 

Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui noted that Bondeni had been associated with gangs adding that such projects will engage provide young people with a livelihood. 

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