Nairobi residents plan to take filth to NMS doors

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 08:59 |
General Badi
NMS Director-General, Mohamed Badi.

Residents of a Nairobi estate are up in arms after a burst sewer has remained unrepaired for three weeks.

The residents have written tens of letters to the Nairobi Water Company and have now threatened to march to the offices of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services, which partly runs service operations of the city.

They allege they are exposed to diseases and children have been denied a place to play after the raw sewerage flowed to the only playground in the aging estate.

Muthaiga residents lock riders out of posh estate

Boda boda operators continue to register their annoyance and hence the decision to bar them from accessing a road in the posh Muthaiga estate.

Alarmed by daily robberies by thugs riding motorbikes and others aboard matatu that pass through the estate, residents, who include members of the diplomatic corps, called on authorities to serve the punitive measure on the bikers.

Boda boda operators have been reportedly used to purvey armed youths.

Police now in control of crime-prone city road

Alarmed by frequent robberies on Limuru Road, police have reportedly mounted serious patrols to assure the public and residents of security.

For several weeks now police have intercepted armed thugs riding pillion on the road.

On the other hand, several workers within the high security area have been attacked or tricked by the thieves to gain entrance to the homes around there.

A police source tells Street Talk that they have managed to tackle what was ‘trouble getting out of hand’.

Governor determined to disgraced CEC’s face

A governor is said to be so determined to save a CEC - who recently lost the plum job due to corruption - that the county chief suspended a senior county staff last week to pave way for a comeback of the disgraced former county minister, now under EACC probe for fraud.

Our moles have it that the governor is under pressure from cronies and persons who bankrolled the 2017 election campaigns to get the former CEC, an office with lighter duties and one perceived to be unattractive to media lenses and EACC focus.

What’s more, the governor was recently rumoured to have spent up to Sh200 million to save the same CEC from EACC!


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