Nadia gives donations, carries out COVID-19 awareness in informal settlements

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 06:00 |

COVID-19 has financially dis-stabilized Kenya’s economy. Businesses have been shut down. The government continues to plead with Kenyans to stay at home and reduce chances of infections during this period.

Kenyan born Bollywood actress and chairperson Tosha Organization, Mrs. Nadia Abdi is among those disturbed by the current situation.

Nadia who also goes by the screen name Nadia Queen and her organization, Tosha, have decided to partner with willing companies to donate dry food stuffs to the less fortunate.

Tosha has partnered with ASTA (Amazing Sports Talent Agency) who willingly joined the course. While donating to the needy, they will also use the chance to educate and create awareness about the dangers and how to protect oneself from getting infected.

Nadia who is at the forefront of the initiative says a majority of Kenyans do not know the danger paused by the pandemic.

The initiative is not only meant to feed the needy but also help them understand the need to take serious all the precautions and directives given to them by health officers and the government.

Nadia and her team were in Nairobi’s Majengo area in Pumwani where their first donations and public education event took place. The event started at 1PM at the famous Riyadha mosque in Majengo.

Hassan Faisal, a famous figure in Mombasa’s entertainment scene and CEO coast films has commended Nadia for the good work.

Hassan, who also sums up as Nadia’s manager has called upon other entertainment stake holders to emulate what Nadia was doing to help fight the virus.

Speaking to the media, Faisal noted: "I am grateful for what am seeing. Ringtone and Nonini Nairobi based artists are spreading love to the less fortunate. We should all do the same during this period.”

Nadia Abdi has also called upon the youth to join her course. Those with nothing to give have been tasked with the mandate of educating the old and those without the proper knowledge on how to protect themselves against the pandemic.

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