NACC wants KPA eletrical department probed over graft

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 00:00 |
Gordwins Agutu

National Action Against Corruption (NAAC) has called for investigations at Kenya Ports Authority Electrical Department involving top management bosses.

The lobby group that deals with corruption related issues claim that KPA’s Electrical Department headed by Eng. Amuti Mathews has been minting millions of money from suppliers who are desperate of doing business with the port from kick backs, pre-bid bribe using proxy companies and individuals.

“The massive corruption at the state owned agency department is on the verge of crippling operations at the Parastatal,” claimed the firm’s director Gordwins Agutu in a press statement.

The lobby group has written to EACC to investigate four bank accounts which it claims were used to siphon the massive loot at KPA.

“Through intelligence, the firm has established that the massive graft loot at the port is siphoned through the bank accounts of; Leah Nthambi Bryant , Ollregy Investment, Jomaki Enterprises and Amuti Mathews the Head Of Electricals KPA,” read the statement.

Agutu claims suppliers were subjected to double pay or to commit their payments through cartels.

“Suppliers who sought anonymity have also accused Eng.Mathews Amuti of mistreatment and subjecting them to paying bribes in order to be considered or approved as a supplier for the department,” he said.

It is the firm’s claim that KPA Electrical Department has operated with impunity with its selective award of contracts to suppliers; abandoning the biennial structure of existing listed suppliers to a more opaque process.

"I was with the Acting MD and the confusion at the port is massive and raises eyebrows," he claimed.

"KPA needs the intervention of His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta to streamline the operations and the immediate arrest of Eng. Amuti and his cartels," he stated in the press statement.

NAAC which became fully operational in 2019 collaborates with the Agencies, National Investigation Bureaus, EACC, DCI and DPP and Units working on corruption related issues.

NAAC is responsible for Investigations and preventing Corruption, economic Crimes and educating the public on the dangers of corruption but does not have any prosecution powers but collaborates with relevant agencies to facilitate investigations and prosecution.

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is not new to controversy as its top managers have made news in the recent past in connection with corrupt dealings. No one has however been prosecuted for the alleged corrupt dealings at the port for 'lack of evidence'.

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