Muturi pledges to fight graft and indiscipline

Sunday, July 4th, 2021 23:24 |
National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi with church leaders at St Peters Cathedral Siakago, Embu County during celebrations to mark 24 years since the inception of the diocese, yesterday. Photo/PD/Brian Marila

Brian Marila 

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi yesterday cited indiscipline and lack of integrity as the main reasons behind his quest for the presidency.

Speaking at ACK, St Peter's Cathedral in Siakago, Mbeere North, Embu county, he said leaders who have been given the mandate to lead the people have turned against them and are now pursuing their own selfish goals.

“We elect leaders thinking they will work for us but after getting into office, they just work to take everything for themselves,”he said.

The Speaker said Vision 2030, which was inspired by retired President Kibaki was yet to be achieved because of corruption. 

“The church has a big role to play in development of the county and it must keep our leaders on their toes,” he said.  

Demand accountability

Noting that the country does not have shortage of great transformative ideas, he urged church leaders to demand accountability from political leaders. 

 “I have set my sight very clearly. There is a deficit in the leadership of this country.

We have very good ideas; President Kibaki introduced to us vision 2030 while President Uhuru set us upon the Big 4 agenda.

How come we haven’t realised half of Vision 2030 just a few years shy of the year 2030? We must be driven by the desire to be accountable and be disciplined. I seek to bring that discipline and accountability.” 

Mbeere North MP Charles Njagagua threw his weight behind Muturi’s top seat bid, adding that the leadership of Mt Kenya East will meet very soon to endorse him for the presidency. 

His sentiments were echoed by former Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti, who maintained that the region supports the Speaker as their spokesperson and presidency in the 2022 polls.

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