Muturi, Kivutha, Karua and Mukhisa to work together ahead of 2022

Friday, September 3rd, 2021 00:00 |
Governor Kivutha Kibwana, former Trade minister Mukhisa Kituyi, National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi and Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua in Makueni, yesterday. Photo/PD/MUTUKU MWANGANGI

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana, Narc-Kenya party leader Martha Karua and  former Trade minister Mukhisa Kituyi have given every indication they will work together ahead of 2022 General-Election.

They appear keen to form a fourth force to counter Deputy President William Ruto former premier Raila Odinga as well as One Kenya Alliance (OKA).  

Kibwana on Thursday hosted the team in Wote, Makueni, for a tour of several development projects before retreating to his residence for a private meeting.

The four commissioned Makueni PWD Centre, Makueni Level 5 Hospital Oxygen plant, Wote Green Park and ICT Innovation Hub.

At the Green Park, the quartet held hands and pledged to work together to gift Kenyans the best president who, they said, will steer the country on a transformative path.

“The four of us will sit together and make a decision on who will fly our flag because we are not selfish.

This is a team which can offer Kenyans a change they can trust,” declared Kibwana who has indicated that he will contest the presidency.

The trio have held a sequel of such meetings under the banner of National Alliance for Change, their vehicle for 2022.

Alliance brings together Kibwana’s Muungano Party, Karua’s Narc-Kenya and Muturi’s recently acquired Democratic Party.

Kibwana said the team has received overwhelming support from Kenyans and there were no reason for retreat.

He said their alliance must be part and parcel of the team that will bring change to Kenya.


Muturi criticised the current political arm-twisting by some powerful forces in favor of certain presidential aspirants.

He also took issue with the electoral body for planning the 2022 election without involving key players such as political parties.

Kituyi said he was willing to sacrifice his presidential ambitions for any of his colleagues if that is what it takes to gift Kenyans a development minded leader. 

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