Muturi is not spokesman for Gema community – Kikuyu elders

Friday, June 4th, 2021 18:17 |

The Kikuyu council of elders and Kiama Kia Ma have said that the Speaker for the National Assembly Justin Muturi is not the spokesman for the Gema community.

The elders said Muturi's coronation a week ago was not agreed upon by all the elders and thus it is meaningless.

Led by Wachira Kiago, the national chair for the Kikuyu council of elders, the elders said those who coronated Muturi were not bonifide members and did not have their blessings.

"There were no consultations among the elders and the locals to appoint Muturi as the spokesman for the community," he said.

Wachira said the leadership stuff was given the president Uhuru Kenyatta by the elders and they have not taken it back.

"We told him when he feels he would like to pass it to someone he should hand the stuff back to us," he added.

The chairman said the coronation was done by a few elders who were defiant as they had been warned against it.

"The shrine is not a place to be treated with such disregard and anyone who wants to see fire can play around with it," added Wachira.

"Not everyone is allowed here and this should be made very clear that there are consequences of playing with the shrine," he added.

He insisted that the cultural practices for the Kikuyu community must be upheld and not compromised by few people who want to serve their interests.

Kiago said Muturi should stop using the backdoor to ascend to power by trying to overshadow Uhuru.

He was speaking during a prayer for9at Mumbi grounds in Murang'a.

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria who was in attendance said he tried reaching out to Muturi to pursuade him but he would not listen to him.

"I used other leaders who are close to him but he stood his ground that the coronation must to on," he said.

Wa Iria who was opposed to this claimed that the speaker even threatened to harm him should he try to block his coronation.

"Muturi said he would turn me into minced meat if I block his coronation at the shrine," said the governor.

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