Muturi dismisses sponsored ‘project’ talk over his presidential bid

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 00:00 |
National Speaker Justin Muturi. Photo/SAMUEL KARIUKI

Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has dismissed claims that his bid for the presidency is a sponsored political project.

Muturi, who has declared his intention to vie for the presidential seat next year, told his opponents who have been claiming he is a ‘project’, to stop what he termed their unfounded rumours.

“Please stop lumping my name into the basket of political projects. I am nobody’s project, I am God’s and the people’s project.

Several politicians allied to the UDA party have been pushing Muturi to team up with Deputy President William Ruto’s in that party’s presidential ticket.

But the Speaker said he and other competitors like Ruto, ODM leader Raila Odinga and leaders who coalesce under OKA, have all the liberty to vie alone without seeking to be made presidential running mates.

He was speaking at St Paul’s ACK Church, Kiambu, where was he was the chief guest at a church fundraising event.

Muturi also turned his guns on the Mt Kenya Foundation group that has lately held several meetings with presidential seat aspirants in a Nairobi hotel, saying theirs was a vain effort unless the people of the region are involved.

“They meet in a hotel, purporting to interview candidates for the presidential seat about what they would bring to Mt Kenya if they won, and then they will retreat to Limuru to choose for the people,” said Muturi.

He noted that the interviews were now over, yet he was never invited to sit in the panel made up mainly of billionaire business people.

“We hear some have pending investigations related to Kemsa, yet they are the ones vetting others now.

They cannot choose leaders for the people, let them come to the people and be ready to be vetted at the ballot,” Muturi added.

He also castigated Kenya Power for what he termed wastage and corruption, noting that Kenya Power’s system of using external auditors was a tactic designed to hide the mess that has accumulated over time.

“I am for Kenya Power to start using the Auditor General for its audit, instead of hiring private audit farms,” he added.

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