Muturi condemns chaos in Migori, calls for tolerance ahead of polls

Monday, September 20th, 2021 00:00 |
National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi (centre) with Runyenjes MP Eric Muchangi and Nominated MP Cecily Mbarire (in red) join in a dance during a church service at St Michael Catholic Church Kiangungi in Runyenjes, Embu county, yesterday. Photo/PD/BRIAN MALILA

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi yesterday called for political tolerance among leaders as the country heads towards the General Election next year.

He said aspirants should be allowed to sell their policies in all parts of the country.

“Kenya is a multi-party democracy and it is really disheartening that when some leaders go to some areas to seek votes, they are pelted with stones, this should not be allowed,” said Muturi.

Speaking during a church service and funds drive at St Michael Catholic Church Kiangungi, Embu county, he said all leaders should condemn such acts of intolerance as every leader has a right to seek votes in any part of the country without intimidation from any quarter.


He stated that he will not be intimidated as he traverses the country hunting votes.

On Friday, billionaire businessman and presidential hopeful Jimi Wanjigi’s meeting in Migori county was disrupted by hired goons who stoned his convoy.

Wanjigi was on a four-day tour of Nyanza region to meet Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) delegates on whose ticket he is seeking to gun for the presidency next year. 

The move puts him on collision course with Opposition chief Raila Odinga who has been endorsed by some party members to run for the top seat.

Runyenjes MP Eric Muchangi threw his weight behind Muturi’s presidential bid saying Mt Kenya region would support him.

Muchangi said Embu county has been marginalised for far too long by the government with no flagship projects and charged Muturi to push for such projects if he wins the presidency.

“We now need to be recognised as Embu people, we will not allow to be used as voters and kept in a corner until the next election cycle,” said Muchangi.

He urged Muturi to engage all leaders including the Deputy President William Ruto in his bid to form the next Government.

He said all the leaders in Mt Kenya region who head political parties should first dissolve those parties so that they can form one strong outfit.

“Those leaders lecturing us about the unity of the Mountain when they are heading some small parties should first dissolve those parties so that we have one party in Mount Kenya which will unite everyone,” said Muchangi.

Nominated MP Cecily Mbarire urged Muturi to join forces with Ruto so that they could form a formidable lineup in the next presidential race.

“We want to send you Mr Speaker, please talk to Hustler Ruto, he is a good man,” said Mbarire.

But the speaker rejected the offer, saying he will only engage leaders of high integrity.

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