Muturi challenges Senate on laws

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021 00:39 |
Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi. PHOTO/COURTESY

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi now wants  the Senate to withdraw all cases it has filed in court, to challenge laws passed by the lower House.

Muturi asked the Senate leadership to instead embrace dialogue, since the  court cases were drawing back legislation in the two Houses. 

In a communication made following last week’s ruling by the Court of Appeal on the restoration of 21 of the 24 laws that had been annulled by the High Court for bypassing the Senate, Muturi said there was need for the two Houses to work  in harmony for legislation process not to be derailed.

“When we drag each other to court, it is the people of Kenya who lose, yet they are the very reason that the two Houses exist.

When legislative processes of either House stop, it only means that Parliament cannot use or exercise its legislative power to respond to the issues of concern to the people,” Muturi said.

The Speaker added: “I call on both Houses to work together and collectively serve the kentan people, remembering that, in the end, whenever there is a court dispute between Houses, it shall never be a question of which House won, but rather- how did Wanjiku lose.”

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