Muthama in bid to wipe Wiper out of Ukambani

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 10:00 |
Former Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama. Photo/PD/file

A battle of titans is looming after former Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama declared yesterday that he will launch a political outfit to clear Wiper Party out of Ukambani.

Muthama is engaged in a spat with Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka  after a bitter fallout.

He has declared a full-blown political fight in support of Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid in Ukambani.

“Kalonzo will be shocked because come 2022, I will have a political party on the ground that will field candidates from presidency to the Ward Reps. I want to prove him wrong,” said Muthama.

 Kalonzo has accused Muthama of  breaking up the G7 alliance that he had hoped would propel the former vice-president to power in 2013. He has since dismissed Muthama as inconsequential.

Kalonzo has in recent days accused Muthama of “auctioning” him twice to Opposition chief Raila Odinga, vowing that he would in future be his “own negotiator.” 

However, Muthama has maintained that Kalonzo owes him, having brokered deals that saw the Wiper leader appointed VP and picked as Raila’s running-mate on two occasions.

“Let him go his way now and I also go my way then we compare notes after 2022. We can count whatever we achieved together.

I challenge him to do something better than what we did together,” Muthama told People Daily.

Muthama  has sensationally claimed that he played a key role and advised retired President Mwai Kabaki, and that alongside ex- Kitui Senator David Musila, signed an agreement that saw Kalonzo named the Vice-President.

“Who is politically powerful and influential than the other if I made him aVP?” Posed Muthama. 

According to Muthama, Kalonzo’s 2022 presidential campaign will end his career.“Raila cannot have him (Kalonzo) as a running mate again.

It will also be a daunting task for him to join hands with DP Ruto because he is untrustworthy unless he first erases the watermelon tag,” Muthama.

So far, Ukambani voting block has produced two more presidential candidates; Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and his Makueni counterpart Kivutha Kibwana.

Preferred candidate

Asked who would be his preferred candidate, Muthama suggested that Kibwana would be the most suitable but only if he teams up with other Kenyans like Deputy President William Ruto.

Notably, Mutua and Kibwana have hinted at a pre-election pact in favour of whoever earns a meaningful political following nationally. 

“By 2022, Kenya will have over 17 million voters, majority of whom will be young. It is these voters who will decide their president and not a few people sitted somewhere in a boardroom.

Kenya is democratic nation. I am confident that when the ballots will be counted, I will emerge the fifth president of this great republic” Mutua.

But in a quick rejoinder, Makueni legislator Daniel Maanzo described Muthama as a loser who will end up a bitter man.

“ Muthama is taking the path of self-destruction which will lead him to the ditch” said Maanzo.

Maanzo, a Kalonzo loyalist, challenged Muthama to vie for the presidency instead of fronting outsiders.

“He is unable to command the support of his own village behind DP Ruto. He risks dying a bitter man” Maanzo.

He told Muthama to redirect his energy in reconciling the Kamba community.     

On reconciliation, Maanzo said that Muthama’s route back home was clear and the Wiper family was always ready to reunite with the ‘ prodigal son’.

“We formed the party with him, and it will be a tall order to bring it down, even if he fields parallel candidates, we will trounce them,” he said.

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