Muslim clerics demand reasons behind limiting of worshippers

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 00:00 |
Abu Katadha.

Muslim clerics led by Abu Katadha in Mombasa have demanded to know the reasons behind the government limiting the numbers of persons going to places of worship.

The clerics said limiting the number of worshippers in churches and mosques while huge gatherings  continued to be witnessed during political rallies is insincere.

“We have tried to adhere to their guidelines, but our pain and disappointment is the daily political rallies that have continued to be seen while our worship centers have been shut,” Katadha said.

Katadha said it was imprudent for politicians to hold rallies yet Kenyans attend without observing social distancing rules and many do not wear masks.

Open worship places

The Imams now want the government to fully open places of worship, because it is evident that the government was applying double standards in the war against the disease.

The imams were speaking during a media briefing in Mombasa yesterday.

“Let them fully open the mosques, if you look at the worshiping centers, they have fully complied while the government is not taking it seriously.

They are busy doing politics while blocking the public from worshiping centres,” said Abu Ahmad from Masjid Mlango wa Papa in Old town.

Their sentiments came even as the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Mombasa diocese bishop Alphonce Mwaro Baya expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner in which the fight against Covid-19 was being undertaken. Mwaro who blamed politicians for  continued breach of set guidelines wants president Uhuru to walk the talk, and not take Kenyans for granted. 

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