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Former Kajiado County Governor governor David Nkedianyening. Photo/PD/FILE

Clannism and battles between the  Kieleweke  faction allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta and deputy President William Ruto’s Tanga Tanga brigade has started playing out in the Kajiado governorship contest.

 The two major Maasai clans in Kajiado are Orok Kiteng’ (black cow) and Odomong’i (red cow) with the contest narrowing down to Kaputiei and Kisongo sub-clans. 

Governor Joseph ole Lenku and Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito hail from the Ilkisongo sub-clans while Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko, former governor David Nkedianye come from Ilkaputiei sub-clan. 

 Former National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) boss Francis Meja  and former Olkejuado County council chairman Taraiya ole Kores of the Odomong’i hail from Ildamat and Irkekonyokie sub-clans respectively. 

 Unlike in the past elections where clans mainly determined the poll outcome, there is every sign that the battle between  Tanga Tanga might play a more consequential role  in 2022.

Political analyst however describe the contest to be a four-horse race between Lenku, Katoo, Nkedianye and MP Tobiko terming Kores and Meja as candidates testing waters. 

 While Lenku has made massive inroads to ODM strongholds and incorporated ODM die hard in his government, political analyst say Katoo influence in the region is a force to reckon with given that he is serving as the constituency MP for the fourth consecutive term.

“Katoo is a silent schemer who understands the murky politics of the day. His candidature cannot be ignored, he is a politician whose strategies are mainly silent and he works with a small clique of loyalists,” says John Githinji, a political analyst. 

Kajiado Central MP Elija Memusi of ODM has jumped ship to join Lenku’s camp, a major blow to Nkedianye. 

“ The current leadership is a one-man show that has terribly messed this county. There is hue and cry everywhere. People are not seeing any development and staff and insiders in the administration have low morale due to dictatorship leadership style,” says Nkedianye. 

 Nkedianye further claims Lenku did not win fairly and only concentrating on launching world Bank projects he disguise as county developments. 

But Lenku has  dismissed Nkedienye’s claims saying he development record speaks for itself.

On his part, Lenku distanced himself from any talk of chaos.

 “Kajiado is known for  peace even when other counties experience tension. We are going to protect peace and harmony among all communities and no politics will divide us.

Those who want elective seats must do so in decorum and let wananchi choose their leaders. We are opposed to an outsider coming to tell us who we should elect for whatever position,”said Lenku.

However Nkedianye, Tobiko, Meja and Kores have said  to be in wide consultations to see a possible merger that will see them come up with a single candidate.

 Katoo is the only candidate popularizing his bid hanging on the coat of the deputy president William Ruto hustlers slogan while other candidates are allied to president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga. 

 The building bridges initiative (BBI) report  outcome which Lenku chairs as the chairman for South rift region is also expected to highly influence the outcome of the contest. 

Debates and wide consultations on the choice of a running mate is also on top gears and expected to influence the voting pattern.

The immigrants swing vote which account for the majority of votes in the cosmopolitan region is also considered that it will highly influence the contest outcome. 

 Appointment of Lenku as the Maa spokesperson is also a factor that is likely to influence the voting pattern of natives in the county. Lenku has received endorsement of elders for his reelection and the elders who are highly respected and influence families will play a key role in his reelection. 

In the last General-Election, Lenku garnered majority of votes in urban centrers votes 174,982 on a Jubilee ticket  while Nkedianye who vied on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket bagged 146,634 votes mainly from the rural areas. 

 Nkedianye’s influence among Odinga supporters however is perceived to have been greatly neutralised by the vocal Odinga close ally who enjoys massive support Nominated Senator Judith Pareno who recently joined hands with Lenku are now working hand in hand. 

 Nkedianye brags of having  not faced any opposition during his tenure despite working with only  two MCAs and one MP elected on an ODM party while the rest were elected on a Jubilee ticket.

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