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Museveni pays tribute to predecessors, names successor

Monday, May 17th, 2021 00:00 |
Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Photo/COURTESY

Mambo Matata

President Museveni has thanked his predecessors for what he called their impeccable democratic credentials and love for country which had enabled Uganda to hold regular elections and carry out peaceful transfer of power.

Speaking last week after he was sworn in to begin his new term in office, the President, as is the tradition in the East African nation, also named his successor, who he said will no doubt take over from him at the close of his five-year tenure.

Museveni said his predecessors had not only demonstrated fidelity to the Constitution and the rule of law, they had continued to respect the country’s tradition of peacefully handing over power to the next generation of leaders.

“I want to, in particular, thank my most recent and valued predecessors Yoweri and Kaguta for putting our country before self by agreeing to vacate office when their time was up.

Unlike other leaders in Africa and elsewhere, these two knew better than to hold on to power at all cost even if meant sacrificing their own people and motherland,” said Museveni, to the applause of thousands of bazookas that had thronged the stadium to witness his swearing in.

The President said since 1986, Uganda had been unfailingly holding free and fair elections where the losers accept the outcome of the people’s vote and the winner takes the oath of office in accordance to the Constitution. 

He accused Western nations of trying to undermine Uganda’s democracy and time-honoured traditions, with the intention of sneaking in their obnoxious brand of democracy which is alien to African culture.

“Were these wazungus blind when we held elections 10 years ago and President Yoweri handed over power to the winner Kaguta?

Did they not see Kaguta taking the oath of office and receiving the instruments of power from Yoweri?

They have eyes yet they do not see!” the newly-sworn in President said to yet another round of applause from heavy boots that were also at the stadium to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

Earlier, Museveni had received the instruments of power which include his beloved gun, the mind of the Chief Justice and the hand of the Speaker of Parliament.

He hailed the instruments as the secret to Uganda’s unique democracy, peaceful transfer of power and sustained stability and progress.

“If it wasn’t for these sacred instruments, Uganda would have long time ago gone the way of other failed African countries like our neigbour to the east whose chaotic elections and noisy democracy are an embarrassment to the region,” he observed.

The instruments of power, he said, had saved Uganda from what he called siasa ya kungoa reli and Supreme Court cockups that he said certain East African countries were infamous for.

Some countries in the region like Rwanda, he said, had however seen the light and had adopted the orderly variety of democracy which is being practiced in the Pearl of Africa.

And in keeping with this orderliness, the President named his successor who will take over after the next election.

“To ensure our country continues to progresses in the predictable path, I take this opportunity to announce that the person who will take over from me is none other than distinguished son of Uganda and Africa M7,” he said to approving whoops from the bazookas and the boots.

He said naming the successor early enough would enable him understudy the outgoing leader thus ensuring he will hit the ground running when he takes over.

M7, the President said, was not only experienced leader, he was a safe pair of hands who would jealously guard Uganda’s democratic ideals and cherished electoral traditions. [email protected]

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